The spousal love - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The spousal love

[preamble about il the gift of the mutual love] ...
The apex of spousal love is not carnal abandonment, but the commitment of the will that in the depths comes to give itself to the soul, with the fruit of mutual belonging, attracting the other in communion for good  and assuming responsibility.
The gift of self makes the person the object of true, mature, deep, gifted love, which does not disappoint the trust of the other; the one who loves thus hopes to find the fullness of being and the response according to conscience to his sense of responsibility towards his love, which receives meaning and flavor in altruism, in concern for the other person and his authentic good. These are infallible signs of a certain dilation of the ego, to which is added another self, equally close. Concern does not limit nor impoverish being, rather it enriches and increases, while the rejection of such responsibility is selfishness that denies love.
The choice of the person for the spousal form is the natural way of love that leads to mutual gift and belonging, finding oneself in the other person and the other in ourselves. It is important that the choice is truly personal for an authentic relationship of people. -  email:
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