Prudence and charity leads to solidarity and gift - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Prudence and charity leads to solidarity and gift

The covenant attested by the Law and the Prophets and the teachings of Jesus call to a universal quest for truth and meaning, to obey the Father’s will with concrete responsibility and out of love for brothers and sisters. In this relationship, the commitment to justice and solidarity builds a life that corresponds to God’s plan.
Prudence enables us to make consistent decisions, with realism and responsibility for the consequences.
Shrewdness, utilitarian calculations and diffidence or timidity and indecision are widespread equated to prudence, but they move away from the righteous concept of virtue that assist in deciding with wisdom and courage the course of actions that should be followed.
Prudence affirms the good as a duty and shows how to accomplish it.
Prudence requires the mature exercise of thought and responsibility in an objective understanding and in making decisions according to a correct will. -  email:
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