Responsibility is supported in His image - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Responsibility is supported in His image

The custody, of the Grace of Faith and of freedom of action, is entrusted to people to build, grow and procreate, correct and teach according to natural laws, so that they can be realized as persons.
We are called to live contemplation even during the action,
and we sanctify ourselves
in the responsible and generous exercise of our mission[1].
The Grace of Hope in final justice calls to responsibility, with our gaze to the Crucifix and Risen, and with trust to be placed in the return of Christ, highest Grace that takes away evil and assures us of the resurrection of the flesh.
With the example of Christ’s good action, Who has redeemed us by the way of the Cross, the Grace of Charity reveals the greatness of human responsibility and supports its actions in His image.

[1] Cf. Franciscus, Adh. ap. Gaudete et exsultate, n.26. -  email:
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