The limit of judgment precedes freedom (1/2) - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The limit of judgment precedes freedom (1/2)

It is necessary to responsibly accept the divine gifts and the brothers’ limits should always wake our responsibilities up, as they do not limit the true rights of others and commit us at the service of good.
Arbitrary desires distract from truth and duty, so they compromise the development of the person; as a matter of fact, they oppose the primacy of good, which calls everyone for a responsible creativity to gift for the greatest well-being of everybody.
Instead, people obstacle the true development by self-centering and selfishness owning and consuming against the common good.
As a matter of fact, those, who use other people, escape from their own consciences and diminish the responsibility of the others.
Therefore, each one needs responsibility and awareness of the limit to contrast any utilitarian omission of the rules.
The discernment, among fruits and detriments, is urged by the spirit to judge responsibly the consequences before choosing an action.
Thus, the conscience pursues the true good in the light of faith and moral law, but if it disobeys and refuse to see what is sin, it settles darken, so miseducating itself and deforming its dignity. -  email:
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