Free responsibility between rights and solidarity - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Free responsibility between rights and solidarity

Rules and roles raise and specify the level of responsibility and, respecting them, the life of the community is improved with new relationships and comparisons, in which rights, duties and damages are attributed and assessed according to lifestyles and behaviors, often coded into laws and a local cultural morality.
The law was born in Mesopotamian cultures and already reached a high level with the Roman code, while in the philosophical field the objectification is found in Aristotelian ethics, in sophist and oratory arts and in rhetoric of conviction, but each one assumes responsibilities that are differently perceived and valued by societies. In the fear of new confrontations and conflicts, differences are sometimes lessened by recognizing the other as a person, in the recall of everybody’s needs for freedom and autonomy.
Proper value scales dictate new rules and actions for the need of some people and for the dignity of the person, distributing values and goods in opposition to profit and autonomy; thus the need of somebody becomes an opportunity for others to receive the grace and feel responsibility for solidarity. -  email:
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