Responsibility for the response - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Responsibility for the response

“Come, and see” invites to deepen the meaning of vocations and combines divine grace and human responsibility; it reminds to discern and live seeking Jesus, finding Him and staying with Him.
Together, God’s free love and freedom shine in adherence to His call and in reliance on Him. Grace does not oppose, but enlivens and sustains human freedom, otherwise enslaved by sin, so it heals and elevates the ability to be open and to receive God’s gifts.
Imitating the free oblation of the Son made to the Father’s will, by offering his possessions, the rich young man would become a gift of love to the Donor, but he is sorrowfully free to miss his realization.
After the gift of being a worker of the vineyard, man can invent, make artistic and spiritual works, only by referring to the revealed truth and in likeness of the Son, as a responsible administrator, conscious and faithful servant with the dignity of a child loved by the Father.
Christ’s love for the Church reveals the true love and how to relive the image of the divine fatherhood, responsibly committed to work for the conceived life and to educate the children for a living experience of Christ and the Church.
Many families accept abandoned children and persons in need; renewed by the grace of the Spirit, they are at the service of life, conscious of having been ransomed and called to declare His deeds becoming responsible and neighbor of everyone.
Misery is a clear sign of human frailty and of the need for salvation, thus it offers an opportunity for the grace to preach the good news by meeting the severe needs of the poor and little ones who are the Lord’s brethren.
Loving the Lord above all things and loving the neighbor as the own self are commandments which are confirmed by the ability of giving to those who do not have. -  email:
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