The condition of the humanity's sin - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The condition of the humanity's sin

The Creator endows the creatures to autonomously discover, organize and use the laws and values of the creation, but those who forget it are destined to disappear.
In fact, from God they receive consistency, truth and goodness.
Science and morals do not oppose faith, because everything originates from the same God, Who calls us to consider the truth to define our missions, because it is the ground for our experience.
Reason and will must exert control over innate drives and emotions because of a responsible relation to the objective moral order, which the right conscience is the true interpreter of; we must recognize and value the duties toward God, ourselves and others, not arbitrarily, but corresponding to the will of God.
The true values of life and family can educate the children to responsibility and self-discipline, in order to develop their spirituality and sensitivity, bringing a great joy to their parents as free and responsible collaborators with God the Creator.
Children need care, love and affection to develop into responsible, mature and stable persons; they also need a good example to be led to virtue.
The harmonious development of their endowments will form a sense of responsibility to properly strive in pursuing their true freedom, seeking the justice of God’s kingdom to renew the temporal order with competence, cooperation and charity.
Everyone is entrusted with the responsibility of the sacred gift of one’s own and others’ lives, which can never be claimed or manipulated. -  email:
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