Echoing in the conscience - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Echoing in the conscience

[preamble in sin is a personal act]
The sense of sin speaks to human hearts as a law written by God, Whose voice echoes in the moral conscience as a relationship that persons and their lives have with the Creator.
When a little care for truth and goodness obscures this voice, the moral conscience no longer links with its inner freedom and dignity, so the sense of sin is confused with a transgression of legality or a morbid feeling of guilt.
Without truth, opposite errors are detectable, such as seeing sin everywhere or nowhere, emphasizing the fear of eternal pains to judge errors or preaching a divine love that excludes all punishment, silencing the truth for a supposed respect for conscience.
Often the moral conscience is silenced to receive consensus or to alienate the value of good and evil; denying God and the moral principles of reason and faith, conversion is merely reduced to a personal matter.
Those, who ignore the existence of God, obscure His dominion over one’s own life too, which everybody is responsible for; those, who prefer to have rather than to be, deny their willingness to serve the kingdom of God, escape from objective and universal truth, in order to acquiesce their instinctive forces and their will to power. -  email:
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