Human dominion over the world by working - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Human dominion over the world by working

"Human dominion over the world consists in naming things.
In giving things their names, man must recognize them for what they are and establish with each of them a relationship of responsibility"[1].

The responsibility to fill and subdue the world commits human freedom to discover and follow its laws and values, because a true connection with nature is very good; natural laws are true, immutable and irreplaceable, so broad that they can regulate societies, so deep as to allow the ascent to the moral principles of acting and to obtain very good things.
There is no freedom of abuse, but with intelligence and love man must yield the goods for which he is responsible and pass them on to future generations, also recipients of the gifts always bestowed by God.
The prohibition about eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge reminds the imposed limitation to natural laws[4] and proposes to the consciousness of the true concept of development which alerts to the moral dimension.
The intention to make Adam in His image and after his likeness, was not withdrawn after the human act of distrust but since then, in toil and by the sweat, man gets bread from the ground, which also bears thorns and thistles, so that he can reach by working to the dignity for dominion which is proper to him.

[1] Compendio della Dottrina Sociale della Chiesa, 2005, n.113. -  email:
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