The Mission of Truth - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The Mission of Truth

The person has reason, free will and a spirit which is capable of God; they impel by own nature to seek the truth, morally bound to hold it and live as it demands.
The human collaboration is necessary to experience God’s mercy and one’s own responsibility.
Looking to a new heaven and a new earth stimulates to promptly contribute with works which respond to the God’s plan, making us aware that every truth attained is a step forward to see Him face to face.
Those who seek true wisdom find rest and spiritual joy in reflecting on truth which must be openly declared.
Instead, when the gaze is turned away from the truth, the ephemeral is affirmed, resulting into a stumble toward the edge of the abyss, because a quick success is preferred to the toil of a patient quest for good.
A critical ethic of responsibility can really protect man, although it seems a utopia in the face of human history and temporariness.
The truths of “having to be of being” and of feeling love for the supreme good are real and propose “you can, so you must” as human responsibility for man.
The believer must acquire a natural, consistent and true knowledge of created realities, as reason must articulate it in concepts and arguments. Thus, to speculate about the human being, the world and of being itself, a philosophy is required to be founded on objective truth. -  email:
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