Morality determines human nature and the person - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Morality determines human nature and the person

The participated action reveals the right of the person to be realized with determination and responsibility; it goes far beyond the subordination of common action and the individualistic rights of others and prevents totalitarianism, which subordinates and limits individual action until it becomes an occurrence.
Property limits the action of others and may seem bad; those who protect the common good can react by limiting acts of personal fulfilment. But together with others, the person can act for the common good and come to renounce his or her own, in the conscious solidarity of participating in the common good without invading other property and responsibility, as a complement to community acts.
What is true and fair promotes development, faces difficulties and oppositions and accepts dialogue according to the extent of moral conscience; if, on the other hand, a personal advantage replaces values, then conformism appears instead of solidarity or, in the presence of threats, confrontation is avoided.
The commandment of love for the neighbor constitutes men and women as guardians of relationships in every common action to prevent the alienation of personal values; the realization of good together with others is a task that recognizes the purpose and dignity of others.
Divine law is light of conscience and rule of judgment to apply the moral norm and safeguard its scale of values.
Cooperation with the Love of the Creator particularly takes place with the welcome to children with full and inalienable responsibility, guided with objectivity, generosity and sacrifice trusting in divine Providence.
The small path of love of Saint Teresa of Lisieux suggests the use of kind words, smiles, small gestures which sow peace and friendship, breaking the selfishness that consumes and mistreats life.
The relationship between man and woman through love is a reciprocal gift, in resemblance to the union of the divine Persons; it is a communion that realizes the ability to present, possess and give oneself to others. -  email:
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