25 words to speak an ethical language

25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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 in solidarity is graceful
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The everyday desires ask for new theories to discuss and promote new freedoms, step by step transformed into needs to be granted, to be claimed as rights and finally to be defended against any conflict. At the same time, such free will broadens its action and expression to reject responsibility as a component that qualifies human dignity.
Desire and arbitrariness escape from their links to truth, distorting and denigrating it; the subjectivity of the liquid thought seeks flat spaces, to consume them it consumes itself, dissolving the subject among the masses, away from binding relationships.
The concept of responsibility is reconsidered in the right balance between rights and duties, to act freely and truthfully, without opportunism and conventionalism.
St. John Paul II deepened this theme too, linking conscience, will, freedom and purpose to truth, with facts that each one lives and can recognize after a correct reasoning.

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