The condition of sin and the grace - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The condition of sin and the grace

Man could realize himself in harmony with the divine project, be a mediator for others, and recognize God’s presence and grace; therefore, sin also means the refusal to cooperate in God’s work.
The Holy Ghost returns to live in the sinful and forgiven believer, He makes him a new creature, capable of knowing His will, of living for the Father as Christ, hoping for future inheritance.
Guided by the Spirit, the healed and transfigured creature will examine everything to retain what is good, rejoicing in the Lord.
Those, who are aware of the privilege and great responsibility of being God’s co-workers for salvation, shall imitate Him, Who wisely cared about the happiness of all. -  email:
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