The condition of sin in the Wisdom Books - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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The condition of sin in the Wisdom Books

Everybody is called to observe the God’s decrees, happy while seeking the Creator, participating in creation and increasing the resemblance to God by means of good deeds.
However, care and responsibility must be extended on one's own self, as that is in the power of one's own counsel, because the Creator created freedom, but allows the rational but limited and imperfect creature to use it against himself, whilst nobody commands to lie and sin.
Everyone is capable of obeying or defying God, so he or she is responsible for the good or evil he or she did; this relationship with God is developed by free decisions and responsible acts, turning away from sins and evil, in repentance, aware that his own free will affects the other’s freedom and aware that only God can save from the peril of sin.
Although disobedience is avoidable and unintended by God, man needs forgiveness and mercy whenever he strays from His friendship because of his own or others' sinful conduct.
Those who find it mortifying or alienating to follow God’s command, ignore that the Law is a condition for life; a free refusal is a tragic and always lurking risk, whilst freedom is rather a gift to be answered and which to base responsibility on. -  email:
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