Responsibility adorns the Bride Church - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Responsibility adorns the Bride Church

Christ is the Bride, true good Who welcomes every gift; in Him every little service, that is freely performed in communion, becomes a true gift that brings peace and justice; with Him even a simple smile is charity that brings hope and transmits faith.
Every life of free service and solidarity for the brothers, is an imitation of Christ, a message of gift and love that adorns the Bride Church.
Responsibility for the imitation of Christ is more than a duty and a gift, it is a law of love and a spousal delight that the “Mystic Doctor” St. John of the Cross described in a verse of the 7th Romance  «on the Gospel “In the beginning it was the Word” about the SS. Trinity» :

In perfect loves this law is required:
that the lover should become looking like to the desired one;
as the greatest similarity contains more pleasure;
which, no doubt,
in your bride greatly it would grow
if she sees you resembling in the flesh she has.

In this verse humanity is the bride who finds delight in seeing Christ, incarnate Bride.
In the desire of the Beloved, humanity can feel the law of love and the responsibility of resembling the Bride to please and freely delight Our lord.
It is a responsibility that the will must embody in actions following the Word of Jesus Christ for the growth of the delight that adorns the spousal communion. -  email:
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