Duty, a privileged sense of the will - 25 words to speak an ethical language

25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Duty, a privileged sense of the will

The awareness of the seriousness of sin and the inability to justify himself come from the Law; without it, man has no fear of God.
In the parable the poor Lazarus was laying, unnoticed, at the door of a rich man; nothing says he is a bad man, but he is anesthetized by worldliness and, without love, he swallows up what is good and indulges in voluptuousness.
Outward appearances please, but make indifferent and turn the gaze from the poor and the suffering, who are the Lord’s beloved.
Living for himself the rich falls into his selfishness; he insists on his need and remains unnamed having not written his life.
Instead, Lazarus, whose name means “God helps”, expresses dignity in silence, without complaints or prophecies of gloom that pollute with negativity.
Those who proclaim the hope of Jesus carry joy and see beyond evil and problems; at the same time they attentively see from up close their neighbor’s need; the time for an attentive help to others cannot be delegated or postponed, it is a time of grace, to be earned and given to Jesus, it is love, a treasure placed in heaven.
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