Responsability after Moses, Law and Prophets - 25 words to speak an ethical language
25 words for an ethical language
reading St. John Paul II's writings.
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Responsability after Moses, Law and Prophets

Responsibility > Entrusted to man
When Moses proclaimed the statutes and decrees of the Lord, all the people answered together and said “We will do everything that the Lord has told us” (Exo 24:3).
Thus, there are collective guilts and the blame is over each one and everybody has also the responsibility to exclude sin and restore peace with God, because the breakup of the alliance involves all the people.
The truth teaches rules that lead to good; life has full meaning in it, the commandment reveals it and indicates how to respect one’s truth and dignity.
This law is revealed so that man could want to turn to God. -  email:
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